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Types of Men’s Shoes

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Everything we wear goes through fashion trends. The jeans that were popular to wear in the 70s went out of style in the 80s and the 90s and now are coming back into fashion. At one time it was all the rage for men to wear polyester leisure suits and today most men would rather wear a ladies dress than one of these items. Jewelry also goes through trend cycles.

Women’s watches were rarely seen in the 1950s and when ladies did wear these items they usually wore the type that has a leather strap like a belt to fasten them to the wrist. The items were rather plain and the wrist bands were generally black or brown in color.

In the 70s it was popular to wear things that had shapes like owls and many ladies had women’s watches that dangled from a chain around their neck and the timepieces were in the belly of a trinket shaped like this bird of prey.

In the 80s and 90s women’s watches underwent a transformation that turned them into works of jewelry art. Suddenly the wrist bands were made from precious metals like gold and silver. These wristbands were made up of links like chains and they were often in the shape of hearts, ovals, and stars. The pieces were unique because of their bands, and their face plates.

The face plates had diamonds in place of numbers on them. Mother of pearl was used on a lot of the face plates and you frequently saw timepieces that had no numbers, just hands. The plates on these items started to be colored brightly and many cartoon characters were used on them to give them a whimsical appearance.

At one time it was popular for a lady to own several different women’s watches. She would decide which timepiece to wear just like she chose her handbag, her clothes, and her other accessories. The pieces of jewelry were not always worn on the wrist either.

Having these items fashioned into necklaces was very popular. Some ladies even carried the old pocket style pieces like gentlemen once carried. Earrings were designed to have these items in them and so were lockets. There was no end to the jewelry pieces that could have a timepiece inserted into it. The brooch was a magnificent place for a small clock to be hidden away. Women’s watches have been around since the 20s and 30s.

Men’s shoes come in many different styles. You may not realize this because men are more likely to have a favorite style that they wear all of the time. Women have different types of footwear for every activity they are going to participate in, and for every season of the year. They usually have footwear to match every outfit they choose. Guys will stick with one or two pairs of men’s shoes for everything they do.

There are the athletic men’s shoes that are worn when guys play sports like basketball, tennis, cycling, running, and jogging. These shoes provide good support to the feet of the wearer and they have soles that are suitable for the activity the man is involved in. Many men wear these types of shoes anytime they are casually dressed.

There are the footwear selections that guys wear when they have to wear a suit. These types of footwear are not the first choice for comfort, but they are worn when the gentleman needs to be dressed up. Some guys call these dress shoes, and some call them their Sunday go to meeting shoes. That means these are the items they wear to the office, to church, to a wedding, or to a court hearing.

Boots are an entirely different category of footwear. Guys who like boots generally wear boots for almost every occasion. Guys who wear boots may have a pair of athletic shoes, but that is not always the case. There are cowboy boots, and there are work boots, and there are motorcycle boots. Some guys wear rubber boots when they are working in a particularly nasty area, and there are wading boots for when they are hunting and fishing in wet areas.

Sandals and flip flops were introduced as men’s shoes in the 60s and they are popular for guys to wear to the pool, to the beach, and around the yard. Some guys will wear these with their casual clothing when they run to town for a few items, but the majority of guys are likely to put a shoe on before going to a store. They do not always consider the sandals and flip flops to be actual shoes.

Swimming shoes are not as popular among the males of the species, but they do exist and they can protect the male foot from cuts and abrasions. They can also protect the male foot from the dangers of catching foot fungi in public showers.

Men’s shoes come in many different designs and styles. Most of the selections of men’s shoes are ignored by a man because they tend to wear one or two types of footwear for most of their lives.

How Is Batik Fabric Made?

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The tradition of making batik fabric dates back for many centuries. The batik fabric is unique because of the use of a wax resist dying technique. This technique was believed to be introduced as early as the fourth century BC in Egypt, and at the time, the fabric was used to wrap mummies. Egyptians wrapped mummies in a cotton fabric, covered the fabric with wax and delicately scratched the material to create a decorative effect. This decorative wrapping technique was used for ceremonial purposes to honor the deceased.

The fine art of this wax-resist dying technique is common in Indonesia, and variations of it today are also found in China, Eurasian countries, Arab countries and other destinations around the globe. Generally, batik fabric uses traditional dark colors like dark brown or dark blue coupled with shades of white, but there are some variations to this color scheme in different areas of the world. The patterns that are created in the fabric may have natural themes, such as a floral or animal print. They may also have a cultural meaning, and they may represent people or folkloric stories. The fabric is often considered to be decorative in nature, and those who have a higher rank in certain cultures may wear this fabric to traditional ceremonies.

In the United States, batik fabric is commonly used to make beautiful quilts and other handmade crafts. There are many different color schemes and patterns of this fabric available, and it can create a rich, decadent or even cultural look to quilts. Batik fabric not only makes good quilting fabric because of its beauty and stunning designs but because it is made of cotton which is a preferred material for most quilters. This material is also great for sewing many different types of clothing.

Those who are purchasing this type of fabric, however, should be aware that the highest quality of batik materials are those that are handmade using traditional techniques and these are also the most expensive type of batik fabric available. Some fabric may be manufactured with a machine, and this may provide quilters and other crafters the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of batik material at a more affordable price. This fabric may be found in local fabric stores, but shoppers will usually find a better selection of both affordable and higher-quality or handmade fabric by shopping online with a reputable fabric retailer. For your next project try this great material.

Vintage Clothing: Never Old, Forever In Style

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Not all old clothing can be considered as “vintage,” of course, but vintage clothing today is still as popular as ever, with truly classic lines in retro clothing stores, at garage sales, and in trendy boutiques. Celebrities are wearing vintage clothing, with nearly everyone on the lookout for retro bargains. There are lots of good reasons to buy vintage clothing, too. For one, it makes good sense.

First and foremost, vintage clothing is the ultimate in recycling – and recycling is more important than ever these days. Instead of buying a new outfit, one that might end up in a landfill someday, vintage clothing is often timeless and classic. Ever notice those animal prints that seem to be in every store in town? They’ve been in style for over forty years and show no sign of becoming unpopular soon. Go into a vintage clothing store and you’ll see that animal prints can easily be found, whether on a classic scarf, a skirt or even a pair of shoes. Why buy a brand new design when you can get the same animal print, usually with better clarity and definition, in a vintage style?

Vintage clothing is often much more quality than today’s fashions as well. “Yesterday’s” clothing was often made with hand sewn hems, lined fabrics, and imported buttons. Major fashion houses like Dior and Chanel, as well as others, can often be found on labels. If you are a savvy shopper, you know that today’s fashions are often not made with as nearly much care as yesterday’s. What does that mean for you? You can often get very high-quality fashion on a shoestring budget.

Use vintage clothing today to create “today’s” and trendy styles and looks. Don’t pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for them, though. Instead, buy retro fashions, and save money at the same time. You don’t have to tell anyone that you spent a fraction of the money to get what you would otherwise get in a boutique or other high-priced store. “Old is new again,” and that holds true for vintage clothing, too. You can still look stylish even in today’s tough economy. Again, you don’t have to tell anyone that you spent a fraction of the cost to look truly stylish.

Getting vintage clothing for yourself can be a wise investment, too. Fashions that are 40 years and older can have a higher value than when they were originally sold. For example, fashions from the 60s and other designer fashions from the era, including scarves and vintage ties, have become collectors’ items. You can turn these collectors items into pieces of art or accent pieces in your home, or you can simply wear them; either way, they can be passed down from one generation to the next, and stay in style all along.

Finally, instead of going for today’s “cookie-cutter” fashions, vintage clothing can truly make you stand out. Take your average outfit, and then add a vintage scarf or retro pin to spruce everything up. Suddenly, the outfit has gone from “drab” to interesting. Or, perhaps you want to wear clothing from a particular time period, such as bellbottoms or jeans that have been embroidered. Whatever look you want, have fun when you shop for vintage clothes and look for styles that are going to remain timeless, so that you can wear them over and over again.

Organic Women’s Clothing – Wear Nature Everyday

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Women from all walks of life can now enjoy organic clothing – the natural and healthy clothing solution. The benefits of purchasing natural clothing are endless. From being eco-friendly to answering the issues about health, you can find it in most organic women’s clothing. When you hear about this clothing, what usually comes into your mind? Are you thinking about dull, lifeless clothing that women wear? Absolutely not! There are many product lines offering wonderfully made, fashion-styled clothing for women to make them feel great.

Materials used are usually hemp, 100% cotton and bamboo, which can last for very long. Natural clothing is best for busy women who have issues about health such as allergies. However, even if you do not belong in this category, you can always choose organic clothing as part of your wardrobe and enjoy the benefits you can from organic clothing.

What are the benefits?

Since eco-friendly women’s clothing is produced naturally with the use of organic materials, it is environmentally friendly. This is something that most consumers sometimes neglect. Materials used for the production natural clothing are safe and healthy thereby reducing the health-related issues accompanying most non-organic clothing such as allergies.

Organic materials such as hemp, 100% cotton and bamboo are durable, which makes your clothing last longer than most non-organic clothing does. Farmers producing organic materials that are made into clothing are properly compensated and treated making you as part of the fair trade when you purchase clothing.

Product lines of clothing from most companies are breathable and cleaned easily. It is good for women who lead a busy life. You can also enjoy yoga, exercise and other work-outs using clothing.

You can be part of the solution of the global attempt to fight off pollution when you buy this clothing. Natural clothing eliminates ethical issues since farmers are not using natural methods of eradicating pests in their field.

No matter what your reason is for buying eco-friendly clothing, you are still part of the growing community of people who like to help the environment fight off pollution. Some people start buying alternative clothing not only for the purpose of being fashionable and in the trend but also because they want to take part in the eco-friendly movement all across the globe. Help eradicate health issues and environmental pollution by purchasing organic clothing.

A lot of industries are not producing this type of clothing. Perhaps in the years to come, all consumers will be using natural clothing.

Advantages Of Buying Wholesale Replica Clothing

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Everyone likes to wear designer clothes and designer brands. But not all can afford their sky high prices and rates. Herein, comes the option of buying Wholesale Replica Clothing. Wholesale Designer Clothing is a perfect blend of style and affordibility. Whoelsale Designer Clothes are similar to the original branded clothing and are specially designed for those who have budget constraints. With myriad designs and brand logos, these Designer Replica Clothing are no less than the real designer clothing.

There are many advantages of buying Designer Replica Clothes. Firstly, purchasing Replica Designer Clothing instead of Designer Clothing will save you a good amount of money. With that money you can buy multiple Replica Designer Clothes instead of one original designer clothing. It will give you variety and many outfits with different colors and styles for various occasions like dinners, lunches, prom night, dances, on a date or just casual wear. Also no one will look into your clothes and try to check out the tag of your wholesale replica clothing. So, you need not worry about people finding out the truth.

Wholesale Replica Clothing will make you look stylish and elegant in your social circle. Your whole personality will dazzle and a you will have a sense of individuality while wearing the Replica Designer Clothes. The most distinguishing features of the Designer replica Clothes is that they look very similar to the designer clothes, but they are not just their fake copies to dupe customers. These wholesale designer clothing are inspired by the best selling designer brands, but when manufactured they are slightly different from the original ones. You cannot say that these are just copies – they have a uniqueness of their own. There is also no need to worry about it getting stolen or being replicated.

These Wholesale Designer clothes are said to have short life as the material used is not of the best quality and after some time the print starts to wear off, well you know what? by the time that happens, new designs have arrived at the store, for the new season. So you can throw that one away and go get yourself the latest Designer replica clothes. At least you are not stuck with high quality, extremely expensive designer clothes which are out of style in the next season.

Those who choose to buy Wholesale Replica Clothing have several Designer Clothing Wholesalers to choose from. You just name the brands such as Abercrombie and Fitch Wholesale or Wholesale Abercrombie and Fitch and you will have Wholesale Designer Clothing of that brand, just for you. So what are you waiting for simply log on to and get the best deals at a shoe string budget.

Double Breasted Suits – Boomeranged!

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Double Breasted Suits – Boomera

‘Suit’- a piece of cloth that can magically make any man look sexy, cool and desirable. Doesn’t matter if you are short or tall, thin or fat, young or old, there is a style to match each personality and body type. However, just like everything else in the world, different styles keep coming in and going out of fashion. And this time double breasted suits are back in style with a bang, all thanks to our stars like Ryan Gosling and David Beckham, who brought this elegant suit style back with a magical touch of modern minimalism.

Double breasted suits were first introduced in the 13th and 14th century when the fashion world bid goodbye to pinned or draped garments and started to incline more towards tailored clothing. The form or style that we see today is a modification of the old pea coats. Every suit consists of a row of buttons that hold the fabric from inside and outer layers together. However, what sets a double breasted suit apart is the charm of ‘Symmetry’! A matching row is added on the opposite side of the casual row to maintain symmetry.

The term double breasted was coined keeping the structure of these suits in mind; overlapping front laps, two parallel columns of buttons and 1 to 4 rows out of which only 1 or 2 are functional. The most common and desired double breasted suit structures are 6X2 or 4X2. This number-on-number structure indicates the number of functional and total button in a suit. The first number indicates the total number of buttons whereas the second number indicates the number of actually functional buttons used to fasten the suit below the lapel. The functional buttons are known as ‘Jigger’ or ‘Anchor’ buttons.

Double breasted suits look the most flattering on lean men as it gives an illusion of narrow waist and broad shoulder silhouette, which is considered ideal for males. The modification of these suits is based on the demands of 21st century fashion world. The suits are now designed sleekly and slightly shorter in length with soft and natural looking shoulders instead of short and bulky.

The double breasted style is suitable better for formal occasions. However, it can also be worn casually if one wishes to. The casual style however demands for a more unstructured look that can be adopted by keeping the splits or lapels open. A dark denim jean works best to rock the casual look.

nged!Double Breasted Suits – Boomeranged!

The Absolutely Adorable Camisole Makes You Look Fashionable

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A woman’s wardrobe would look boring and incomplete without the lace trim cami. This camisole is both sexy as well as comfortable. The cami is considered to be very versatile as it can be used as an undergarment as well as the garment itself. There are a lot of styles and varieties available these days including but not limited to the lace trim cami, the cami bra, laced cami, tummy tucking cami and colored camis.

The cami tops are sleeveless mostly but sometimes they come with spaghetti straps. The tops are versatile and can be paired with a pair of well fitted jeans or even a sweater set. The summer heat can be dodged by pairing the cami top with a pair of shorts. Lace trim camis are worn as negligees too. It is therefore evident that these camis are surely a fashion statement that requires no more trials and proving.

There is no end to the sizes, designs and color choices available. They are seen to help flatter women in general regardless of what their body type is. Camis are highly preferred because they allow the lady to flaunt her beautiful arms and collar bones without needing to show out her tummy. As mentioned camis come in various styles and some of them are discussed below.

The best style of this garment to be used as lingerie is the silk with lace trim cami which is extremely sexy to look at and makes you look like a fashionista. A woman’s curves are perfectly accentuated by this fabric and this piece looks absolutely appealing. Using the styles manufactured from silk is the best way to bring out your feminine side. Pairing the silk lace trim cami with either a thong or even a pair of shorts should do the trick perfectly.

The cami-bra which has an inbuilt bra along with the cami helps provide a little bit of extra support to women who need it. This comes with an added advantage of helping avoid bra straps. These have straps that are adjustable to accommodate the requirements of different women based on their sizes. Paired with a panty, it can serve as the perfect night ware. Wear it with a jeans bottom on a sunny day and it makes you look fashionable.

Lace trimmed camis can be either worn under a sweater or even by itself. Any laced outfit surely exhibits sophistication; similarly a cami that has lace trims looks really good. You would be able to wear a pair of low-rise jeans without worrying about you tummy sticking outside when you pair it with a lace trim cami.