Types of Men’s Shoes

Everything we wear goes through fashion trends. The jeans that were popular to wear in the 70s went out of style in the 80s and the 90s and now are coming back into fashion. At one time it was all the rage for men to wear polyester leisure suits and today most men would rather wear a ladies dress than one of these items. Jewelry also goes through trend cycles.

Women’s watches were rarely seen in the 1950s and when ladies did wear these items they usually wore the type that has a leather strap like a belt to fasten them to the wrist. The items were rather plain and the wrist bands were generally black or brown in color.

In the 70s it was popular to wear things that had shapes like owls and many ladies had women’s watches that dangled from a chain around their neck and the timepieces were in the belly of a trinket shaped like this bird of prey.

In the 80s and 90s women’s watches underwent a transformation that turned them into works of jewelry art. Suddenly the wrist bands were made from precious metals like gold and silver. These wristbands were made up of links like chains and they were often in the shape of hearts, ovals, and stars. The pieces were unique because of their bands, and their face plates.

The face plates had diamonds in place of numbers on them. Mother of pearl was used on a lot of the face plates and you frequently saw timepieces that had no numbers, just hands. The plates on these items started to be colored brightly and many cartoon characters were used on them to give them a whimsical appearance.

At one time it was popular for a lady to own several different women’s watches. She would decide which timepiece to wear just like she chose her handbag, her clothes, and her other accessories. The pieces of jewelry were not always worn on the wrist either.

Having these items fashioned into necklaces was very popular. Some ladies even carried the old pocket style pieces like gentlemen once carried. Earrings were designed to have these items in them and so were lockets. There was no end to the jewelry pieces that could have a timepiece inserted into it. The brooch was a magnificent place for a small clock to be hidden away. Women’s watches have been around since the 20s and 30s.

Men’s shoes come in many different styles. You may not realize this because men are more likely to have a favorite style that they wear all of the time. Women have different types of footwear for every activity they are going to participate in, and for every season of the year. They usually have footwear to match every outfit they choose. Guys will stick with one or two pairs of men’s shoes for everything they do.

There are the athletic men’s shoes that are worn when guys play sports like basketball, tennis, cycling, running, and jogging. These shoes provide good support to the feet of the wearer and they have soles that are suitable for the activity the man is involved in. Many men wear these types of shoes anytime they are casually dressed.

There are the footwear selections that guys wear when they have to wear a suit. These types of footwear are not the first choice for comfort, but they are worn when the gentleman needs to be dressed up. Some guys call these dress shoes, and some call them their Sunday go to meeting shoes. That means these are the items they wear to the office, to church, to a wedding, or to a court hearing.

Boots are an entirely different category of footwear. Guys who like boots generally wear boots for almost every occasion. Guys who wear boots may have a pair of athletic shoes, but that is not always the case. There are cowboy boots, and there are work boots, and there are motorcycle boots. Some guys wear rubber boots when they are working in a particularly nasty area, and there are wading boots for when they are hunting and fishing in wet areas.

Sandals and flip flops were introduced as men’s shoes in the 60s and they are popular for guys to wear to the pool, to the beach, and around the yard. Some guys will wear these with their casual clothing when they run to town for a few items, but the majority of guys are likely to put a shoe on before going to a store. They do not always consider the sandals and flip flops to be actual shoes.

Swimming shoes are not as popular among the males of the species, but they do exist and they can protect the male foot from cuts and abrasions. They can also protect the male foot from the dangers of catching foot fungi in public showers.

Men’s shoes come in many different designs and styles. Most of the selections of men’s shoes are ignored by a man because they tend to wear one or two types of footwear for most of their lives.

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