Double Breasted Suits – Boomeranged!

Double Breasted Suits – Boomera

‘Suit’- a piece of cloth that can magically make any man look sexy, cool and desirable. Doesn’t matter if you are short or tall, thin or fat, young or old, there is a style to match each personality and body type. However, just like everything else in the world, different styles keep coming in and going out of fashion. And this time double breasted suits are back in style with a bang, all thanks to our stars like Ryan Gosling and David Beckham, who brought this elegant suit style back with a magical touch of modern minimalism.

Double breasted suits were first introduced in the 13th and 14th century when the fashion world bid goodbye to pinned or draped garments and started to incline more towards tailored clothing. The form or style that we see today is a modification of the old pea coats. Every suit consists of a row of buttons that hold the fabric from inside and outer layers together. However, what sets a double breasted suit apart is the charm of ‘Symmetry’! A matching row is added on the opposite side of the casual row to maintain symmetry.

The term double breasted was coined keeping the structure of these suits in mind; overlapping front laps, two parallel columns of buttons and 1 to 4 rows out of which only 1 or 2 are functional. The most common and desired double breasted suit structures are 6X2 or 4X2. This number-on-number structure indicates the number of functional and total button in a suit. The first number indicates the total number of buttons whereas the second number indicates the number of actually functional buttons used to fasten the suit below the lapel. The functional buttons are known as ‘Jigger’ or ‘Anchor’ buttons.

Double breasted suits look the most flattering on lean men as it gives an illusion of narrow waist and broad shoulder silhouette, which is considered ideal for males. The modification of these suits is based on the demands of 21st century fashion world. The suits are now designed sleekly and slightly shorter in length with soft and natural looking shoulders instead of short and bulky.

The double breasted style is suitable better for formal occasions. However, it can also be worn casually if one wishes to. The casual style however demands for a more unstructured look that can be adopted by keeping the splits or lapels open. A dark denim jean works best to rock the casual look.

nged!Double Breasted Suits – Boomeranged!

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