Keep Working Makes Life Longer

One of the keys to living longer is not the early retirement of work. Namu on the contrary, with age who has past 65 years and still work is the person who can live the longest. Thus according to a study

Researchers from Oregon State University in the United States found that healthy adults who retired in the past year aged 65 had a 11 percent lower risk of experiencing death from all causes of death. For example, lifestyle and health problems.

Longer life trends are also found in adults. Adults who represent themselves as unhealthy people if they continue to work or not retire early.

“This may not apply to everyone, but we think the work can provide economic and social benefits, which can affect their lives longer,” said researcher Chenkai Wu, according to The Health Site, Wednesday (22/3/2017) .

Through the Healthy Retirement Study program, Wu examined data collected from 1992 to 2010.

Among the more than 12,000 people in the study, Wu focused on 2,956 people who took the study in 1992 and retired at the end of the 2010 study.

Reduce the risk of death

The team is divided into unhealthy pensioners (people who decide to retire due to health problems) and healthy pensioners (pension decisions are not due to health problems).

From the results studied, about 12 percent belong to the category of healthy pensioners and 25.6 percent of unhealthy pensioners experience death.

A healthy pensioner who works another year (through age 65) has a risk 11 percent lower than death.

Unsanitary pensioners who work another year have a 9 percent lower risk of death. Working another year has a positive impact on the mortality rate of study participants regardless of their health status.

Healthy retired groups are generally more fortunate in terms of education, wealth, health behavior, and lifestyle.

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