Learning More About The Torrid Clothing Line History

For many years, women who were larger than average size, or plus size, had little choice when it came to fashionable clothing. For the most part, they were forced to wear matronly clothes that had little or no style. However, a company that saw a need for plus size clothing and filled that niche began the Torrid clothing line history.

Much of the fashionable clothing was only available to women up to size fourteen. However, the need for trendy and fashionable plus size clothing was still there. Torrid has come up with a new line of clothing especially for the trend setting plus size girl. This is a much better alternative to the boxy and unflattering clothing previously available.

This was the first company that provide plus-size clothing in stores and online that was cute and trendy for young women. They have followed trends closely and offer plus size alternatives that meet any fashion taste. Using designs that enhance the woman’s body, and fabrics that provide the kind of drape that is needed on a curvy body, the clothing has grown in popularity and is now made for a global market.

Nearly 50% of the clothing offered is designed and manufactured by the company in-house. The other half of their line is made up of designs by top brand names.

Both professional and amateur models appear in the clothing advertisements to provide a “real-life” look at the clothing in active settings. Many plus sized singing and acting stars wear the clothing and provide promotion for the company at various events.

While the Torrid clothing line history is just beginning, the company seems to have a long and successful road ahead of them. They are the dominating company in a market that still doesn’t cater much to the fashionable and trendy plus size woman. But they are a company that a larger size girl can depend on to find something cute as well as well designed, perfect for her body and curves.

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